Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nepal Revolution - 2008

There are many countries that follow a single religion as Christianity or Islam all over the world. None of the authorities ask them to become secular. India is already a secular country. The only country which was following Hinduism was Nepal. But the Koirala government was influenced by American, Pakistani and Chinese power to convert the single Hindu nation to a secular country.

In spite of the fact that Nepal consist of 98% Hindu community, the Maoists and the so called Nepal Government forced to remove the Dynasty rule from Nepal and in year 2006 Nepal was declared as a secular country. This was again a stroke to Hinduism from Christianity and Islam, but unfortunately none of the Hindu propagating groups could do anything to stop this mishap. 90% Nepalese community still want the King to rule the country but due to foreign interventions these Hindu people are being killed secretly and no news of these kinds of acts are being shown by the media. When the King was ruling Nepal, the nation was developing and there were no sign of corruption, terror and violence in the country. But all the supreme rulers became successful to ruin the peace and prosperity of the nation.
It was really very sad that India being a Hindu origin country did not retaliate due to its mere adulation politics. Gurunath Akhada then tried to convince many Hinduism oriented organizations to take actions against act. But the effort was futile.

Then Gurunath Akhada started its wing as Vishwa Hindu Vama Shakti in year 2006 to take substantial action regarding the conversion of the Hindu nation, Nepal to a secular country. The Vishwa Hindu Vama Shakti was headed by myself, Jagatguru Sewak Sanjaynath, a life time Hindu Activist also. The monastery started its revolution in cites of Nepal by conducting rallies and general meetings. They tried to take the opinion of the citizens of Nepal on this change and helped them to voice against this influenced decision of the Nepalese government and foreign bodies. But unfortunately the Maoists and the communist’s parties of Nepal tried to suppress this revolution. The illiterate and poor population of Nepal was tempted by the government to support secularism by saying that if Nepal becomes secular, they will get funds from the US and China. But this never happened. When the people of Nepal started reacting against this they were secretly tortured by the Maoists and the current Nepal Government.
Then I started an aggressive revolt at the Indo-Nepal Border, Shankaracharya Gate along with the Saints of Gurunath Akhada. The revolt started on 25th January 2008. Before starting the revolt I took a pledge of not entering the Nepal borders until Nepal again becomes a complete Hindu Nation. I myself sat at the border by initiating an indefinite strike against the conversion of a Hindu Nation to a secular country. Every day the Nepal government used to come to the border and arrest the saints who were participating in the revolution. All the poor Hindus who were supporting the revolt were tortured by the Maoists volunteers. Soon the weak mob started backing out from the revolution. I observed that due to this aggressive mutiny many saints were hurt, tortured and even a few died also.
I was also defamed as a terrorist by the Maoists in Nepal.I was blamed as the chief defence operator of Nepal Defence Army by the Maoists. And for the first time the Hindu saints were not allowed to participate in the Shivaratri festival at Pashupatinath Temple at Kathmandu. After all this allegations I decided to sacrifice my life for the sake of all Hindus and saints. The motive behind my decision was to stop the tortures by Maoists towards weak Hindus and saints. Also I wanted to sacrifice my life so that the dormant public gets motivated and may be the Maoists change their mind.
Hence I announced to take Samadhi on 25th February 2008. This decision agitated the Indian and Nepal government. All the followers and Hindus became disturbed by the Samadhi decision. I ordered my followers to dig the Samadhi ground at Indo-Nepal Border, Shankaracharya Gate. On 25th February 2008 a huge crowd of supporters were gathered at the Indo-Nepal Border to stop there Jagatguru from taking the Samadhi. The Nepali Police forced me to stop this act. The crowd of more than 50,000 people became aggressive and many of the followers decided to take Samadhi along with the Jagatguru. In order to control the situation Nepal Police started firing sessions in which above 200 rounds of bullets where shot. Many saints were hurt by the Nepalese Police.

During the Kings rule the saints and sages were worshipped in Nepal and this was for the first time in the history of Nepal that the Nepal Police had killed the saints and sages. The issue became uncontrolled and after continuous six hours of firing finally the Nepal Police arrested me to stop from taking Samadhi. They took me to the SP Office at Birganj, Nepal. The Indian government sent the SP, Mr Sunil Jha and DM, Mr. Jeevan Kumar Sinha to the Raxaul embassy. Within three hours the Indian Government ordered the Nepal Police to leave me. The DSP and the SDM Raxaul went to the SP office Birganj and I returned with them with all respect and dignity.
This action taken by me motivated the Nepali Hindus to come against the Maoists. And as the after effects of this revolution now the Nepalese are united together to remove the weak and foreign influenced government of Nepal and bring back the King’s rule again for a prosperous Hindu nation.

About Vishwa Hindu Vama Shakti


The main objective of this organization is to unite Hindu's from all over the world. We are huge in number but since we are diversified into small small communities, which are based on various sects, we are not able to come to one consensus. And hence we are unable to fight against the attacks which is constantly ruining the tradition and foundation of HInduism.


Sewak Sanjaynath initially was a member of Juna Akhada (Group of Saints). But there he saw that all the saints were divided on the basis of groups (akhada) like bairagi,radha krishna,udasi,aawahan,agni,digambara akhada, vam marg,vaishnav marg,nirmohi and shaiv marg. They termed themselves as Hindus but were divided on the basis of the Gods and the groups they followed. Unhappy with these kinds of discriminations,Based on religious differences, he decided to start a new Akhada named as Gurunath Akhada, which was a single platform for all categories of saints and groups.
Gurunath Akhada started its wing as Vishwa Hindu Vama Shakti in year 2006 to take substantial action regarding the conversion of the Hindu nation, Nepal to a secular country.